Is Qatar Airways about to take over SAS?

“Pure speculation” about Qatar Airways affects traders

Scandinavian airline SAS got an unexpected boost to its share price on Tuesday when Dagens Naringsliv, a Norwegian newspaper, wrote that Qatar Airways may be interested in buying the company. This was despite the fact that such a takeover is mere speculation. The paper was quoting Ole Kirchert Christensen, CEO of Travelbroker, who said that the two airlines would fit each other perfectly.
Takeover speculation has surrounded the airline for years. Loss-making SAS is battling overcapacity, low-cost rivals and an aging fleet.
“I think it is in the area of pure speculation,” Jacob Pedersen, an analyst at Sydbank, told Reuters. “It’s possible, but then everything is possible. Lufthansa could do the same and other companies are also a good fit with SAS.”
[pictured: Airbus A340; courtesy SAS]

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