Island of fire and ice tops Where to Go 2016 list

“Iceland is for everyone,” compilers of new list say
Iceland is at the top of another best-destinations list, but this time for budget travellers from the US, reflecting the fall in the cost of reaching the island from North America.
Curated by the editors at New York-based Budget Travel, the Where to Go 2016 list spotlights destinations for their mix of natural appeal, culturally rich qualities and great value.
“Iceland is for everyone,” the compilers of the new list proclaim. “Long known among elite travellers for its exotic landscapes of icecaps and glaciers punctuated by steaming springs, it’s suddenly also become more accessible since Iceland Air instituted free layovers for American travellers on their way to and from Europe.”
Other destinations listed include Cuba (“It’s no longer a question of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ and ‘how’ you’re going to visit Cuba!”), Greece (“the Mediterranean’s sunniest destination is still tremendous value”), Vietnam (“now one of the friendliest destinations on the globe”) and Martinique (“nonstop flights from the East Coast will begin soon”).
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