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The new Ramon Airport (image: Israeli Airports Authority)

Israel ready to open new airport near Eilat

Ramon Airport will be inaugurated on January 21, and a number of European carriers are lining up to fly there.

Ramon Airport will be inaugurated near Eilat in southern Israel on January 21, with Europe’s biggest low-cost carriers lining up to fly there.

Replacing two existing airports, Eilat and Ovda, Ramon will accommodate up to 2 million passengers a year initially, rising to 4.2 million by 2030. Its construction cost is reported to be NIS 1.7 billion (€396 million). The project was initially revealed back in 2011.

It is located less than 20 kilometres north of Eilat, to which it will eventually be connected with a rail link, Aviation24 reports. Until then, bus shuttles with a travel time of ten minutes will be in place.

A resort town on the Red Sea, Eilat is also a port, sandwiched between Jordan and the Egyptian Sinai peninsula. Jordan’s attractions of Petra and Wai Rum are geographically close by and possible to reach from Eilat.

Eilat’s beaches have calm waters, such as Dolphin Reef where the aquatic mammals are often spotted. Known for snorkelling and diving, Coral Beach Nature Reserve has buoy-marked underwater trails among fish-filled reefs, while the Coral World Underwater Observatory Marine Park has a submerged glass-enclosed observation centre.

Entering Ramon
The first slots at the new airport are reserved for domestic flights operated by Arkia and Israir, but international connections will follow.

Ryanair, which currently flies to Ovda, is expected to base several planes on site to feed its network of European routes, according to the new airport’s website.

Other European companies expected to call in at Ramon Airport include Transavia, Wizz Air, Lufthansa and Air Europa.

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