It’s easy to steal a $100 bathrobe from a hotel

US celebrity reveals that ex-wife stole expensive hotel items

According to Tareq Salahi, an American celebrity vintner and former public official, it’s easy to steal expensive bathrobes from upscale hotels. He recently told the celebrity gossip website that his ex-wife allegedly used to do this if they stayed at five-star hotels. She used a deceptively simple ploy, which worked every time. “As soon as we arrived, Michaele would call housekeeping and demand a bath gown saying that there was one missing,” he said. “So when we checked out we would not be charged for taking it.” Upscale hotels typically charge $100 or more for their high-quality bathrobes.
Salahi revealed this information because he is now selling off her hotel bathrobe collection in a charity auction – more than 50 of them – together with other valuables.
USA Today