Japan hotel build-up underway for 2020

Hotel development is building up to Olympics
Hotel development is building up in Japan as the 2020 Olympics creep closer. As previously reported, travel companies are worried about the lack of infrastructure in Japan, especially accommodation capacity.
Japan is in the middle of a mini hotel boom, with upscale, spa-focused examples including the new Amanemu in the Ise-Shima National Park and the high-rise Hoshinoya Tokyo, set to open in July.
Rooms at the Amanemu, seven hours south of Tokyo by car, are designed to promote total tranquillity, the New York Times writes, “all clean lines and warm, woodsy neutrals, with a basalt stone onsen-style tub in every suite.”
The Hoshinoya, in Tokyo, will aim at maintaining a hushed, intimate feeling when it opens, “with an entire floor devoted to onsen tubs, each in a private room with a sliding roof to reveal the sky.”
The New York Times