Japanese go crazy for Finnish horoscope app

App tells users what their Finnish horoscope is
One year after Visit Finland released the Finngenerator, which took social media by storm by offering to find users’ mythological “inner Finn”, there is now a sequel. The horoscope app Finnscope could become an even bigger hit than its predecessor.
Days after it was published on Facebook as well as Twitter in Japan in March, more than 300,000 Japanese had checked their Finnish horoscope.
The playful app, also created by Visit Finland, tells the user what their Finnish horoscope is. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian, it introduces Finnish culture and mentality in an easy-to-navigate way as well as mentioning specific travel products.
“The great beginning of Finnscope is rewarding,” said Mervi Holmén, Visit Finland’s marketing director. “Last year’s campaign taught a lot about the Japanese market and campaigning in social media. What is especially great is that through the application users have found articles on the renewed VisitFinland.com.”
TTG Nordic
[image courtesy Visit Finland]

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