Jet engine blast kills woman on beach

Blast from aircraft proves deadly in Sint Maarten
A 57-year-old woman from New Zealand died after being knocked to the ground by a blast from an aircraft engine on Maho beach in the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
The beach is famous for being just metres from Princess Juliana International Airport, where planes regularly land. Beachgoers can walk up to the airport fence as planes turn around on the runway, often clutching to the fence from the blast as the planes move forward.
The victim had been holding on to the fence but the force of the jet engines tossed her backwards, causing her to fall. She was rushed to hospital but died later.
The beach is popular with tourists mainly because planes fly so low over the sand. The start of the runway is just 50 metres from the fence and the same distance to the sea. Warning signs tell people on the beach not to stand by the fence because of the dangerous blasts of air, but many do.

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