US Carrier Jettisons Reclining Seats

In a sign that weight is competing with comfort in today’s planes, a low-cost airline keeps its seats stationary.

Spirit Airlines carries the slogan “Ultra Low Cost Airline for the Americas”. It remained true to its word when it decided this week to write off reclining seats, claiming that its new leather seats are 30% lighter and adding 20% extra space under the seats. The leather seats will stay in a 7.5cm, pre-reclined position.

The switch means that each of its Airbus A320 aircraft will be able to carry 33 more passengers per flight. The airline currently has a fleet of 32 aircraft flying to 41 destinations. Two more planes are due to come online with the new seating in the coming months. For now, passengers are trying out the seats on Spirit’s routes between Fort Lauderdale and both Washington DC and LaGuardia New York.



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