Joy of business travel clear in survey

Only 28% of business travellers feel relief at going home
Almost 70% of business travellers find their trips more enjoyable than everyday working life, a new survey reveals. And only 28% feel relief to be heading home.
The research adds further evidence to the suspicion that many find business trips to be an uplifting experience and a chance to break free from the shackles of the day job, say the organisers of the survey, Egencia, a business travel company of the Expedia Group.
The study examined the entire process of business travel, from arranging the trip to experiences during the visit and how people manage the various phases of travel.
Of the respondents, 37% claimed to feel more sociable than usual on their trip, and 38% were able to think more creatively. These feelings outranked worrying about a backlog at work or, surprisingly, missing the family.
The old adage that change is as good as a rest would seem to apply to many business travellers as they contemplate their working lives in 2016, Egencia claimed.
To get the most out of their trip, 69% of business travellers make their own arrangements out of choice. Only one-fifth do so because there is nobody else to do it for them, and only one-fifth say they would “always” delegate booking their business travel if they could.
The biggest motivator for delegating travel booking would be to save time (55%), while most self-bookers want to do it themselves for greater control (62%).
But there is downside, during and after the trip. Despite the clear majority enjoying their business trips, and preferring to book it themselves, it can come at a price – frustration. Half of those interviewed struggle with the process of altering their bookings when plans change.
Once on their trip, 42% find the experience more stressful than the day job. For 45% of business travellers, arranging ground transportation is the most frustrating part of booking their own travel. Often unaware of other options, 70% head for the taxi line as the easiest way to find their way round an unfamiliar city.
When they finish their trip, 43% report feeling tired, with 28% just feeling relief to be going home.
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