Jump on a bike for an exciting Scandinavian holiday

Cycle-friendly cities with bicycle hire schemes and easy-to-follow routes

Jumping on a bike is one of the most exciting ways of seeing Scandinavia at its best. Stockholm and Copenhagen are cycle-friendly cities with bicycle hire schemes and easy-to-follow routes leading out of the city. In Stockholm, a three-day bike pass is on offer with bikes available at stands across the city. Djurgården is a popular leafy island retreat. A more challenging route is a section of the North Sea Cycle, giving beautiful views of the western Swedish coastline. North Sea Cycle extends into Norway as coastal stretches include the archipelago and mostly flat terrain. Cultural highlights along the way include the well-preserved fortress town of Fredrikstad.
In Denmark, cycling is part of everyday life. Copenhagen has a free bike scheme and well-signed national cycle routes lead to beaches or through parks. National Cycle Route 4 stretches just over 300 km between Copenhagen and Søndervig, along forest trails and country lanes. The trail between Søndervig and Ringkøbing, which runs alongside a stunning fjord, is especially scenic, as is the attractive Skjern River Project.
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[pictured: Hallnäs at Öland, southern Sweden; photo by Ulf Huett Nilsson; copyright Ulf Huett Nilsson; courtesy Image Bank Sweden]