Kallas: Rail Baltica’s chances “more than 50%”

Rail Baltica is “one of most important pan-European projects”

Siim Kallas, European Commissioner for Transport and former prime minister and foreign minister of Estonia, answers questions in an exclusive interview with the Estonian daily Eesti Päevaleht. Most of the questions are political, but in answer to a question about the planned high-speed rail link between Berlin and Helsinki via the Baltic countries (“How about Rail Baltica? The Estonian president recently travelled to Latvia by rail and had a tough time. Do you believe in Rail Baltica?”), Mr Kallas answers:
“Two years ago it was still something of a fairy tale. By now it is one of the most important pan-European projects and included in the list of projects that the EU will be co-financing. Once the financing side is approved and I cannot be 100% sure, the project will be implemented.
“Europe is a strange system that it takes an awful lot of time and effort to get something decided. But once it is decided, things are usually implemented. For the project in question, the likelihood that it will be implemented is more than 50%. A lot depends on the cooperation of four countries. And we cannot underestimate the forces that are actively opposing the project.”
Eesti Päevaleht
[photo courtesy European Commission]