KLM says: pay for your luggage

Dutch airline to bring in LCC-style fees

KLM is introducing payments to check in luggage, just like any low-cost carrier in Europe. It will cost €15 if the passenger pays online in advance and €30 if you check your luggage in at the airport. However, it is only passengers flying economy who must pay this fee. For other classes or for flexible tickets, baggage is still free. The rules apply for tickets booked from April 22.
At the same time, KLM is pushing for more members of its frequent-flyer bonus program Flying Blue, so the airline is simultaneously announcing that the new baggage fees are free for the program’s members.
This plan corresponds to the same system that the Radisson Blu chain has in its hotels, for example, where Wi-Fi in the hotels is free for bonus-system members while other guests have to pay.
TTG Nordic
[pictured: Embraer 90; courtesy KLM]

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