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KLM starts flights – sustainably – to Växjö

The Dutch airline collaborates with local partners in Sweden in an effort to cut emissions.

KLM has started flying to Sweden’s fast-growing airport of Växjö every day, and is emphasising that it is doing so as sustainably as possible.

Not only is the airline using biojet fuel for the new route, it is also compensating for the remaining carbon dioxide emissions of the flights through its own CO2ZERO service.

KLM has been buying sustainable biojet fuel since 2009, using it for example on all of its flights from Los Angeles because it is “the only place with a refinery”, the airline says.

For the new flights to Växjö, KLM is investing in 120,000 litres of biojet fuel per year, guaranteeing that it will buy 5% biojet fuel based on all flights to and from Växjö.

By expanding what it calls the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme to Sweden, local companies there will also be able to invest in sustainable biojet fuel – which is still two to three times more expensive than fossil fuel.

Växjö-based Södra, Sweden’s largest cooperative of forest owners, will be the first non-Dutch partner in the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme, and together with Södra and the City of Växjö, KLM and fuel researcher SkyNRG will also “investigate the feasibility of producing biojet fuel in the region around Växjö”.

CO2 compensation
As it is not yet possible to fly entirely on biojet fuel, KLM and Växjö Småland Airport say they are joining forces to pay jointly for the total CO2 compensation for flights to and from Växjö.

The money will go to the reforestation initiative CO2OL Tropical Mix in Panama, a project that converts degraded meadows into forests by planting a mix of native tree species and exotic species.

“I am pleased that KLM and Växjö Småland Airport are compensating jointly for the total CO2 emissions of flights to and from Växjö,” decared Pieter Elbers, KLM’s president and chief executive. “This makes Växjö – our most sustainable destination – a valuable addition to the KLM network.”

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