Koh Samui and Thai resorts now disaster zones

Hotel guests forced to flee to Phuket and Bangkok
Thousands of tourists are caught up in a flooding emergency in southern Thailand, in which at least 14 people have died.
Koh Samui, the country’s second most popular beach resort, has partially lost water and power and hotel guests on the island have been forced to go elsewhere, such as to Phuket or Bangkok.
The flooding has been caused by days of constant rain in the region, also forcing other resorts and towns such as Koh Pha Ngan, Krabi, Trang and Koh Phangan to bring in emergency measures.
“There has been quite a lot of disruption in Koh Samui,” says Chris Lee of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
“It’s important from a trade perspective to understand that this isn’t the best time of year to sell Koh Samui, which has a different season from other parts of Thailand. It’s not unusual for Koh Samui to get a lot of rain at this time of year, which is why we would normally advise agents to sell Phuket instead. However, the rain we have seen over the past week has been exceptional.”
Nongyao Jirundom of the Tourism Authority of Thailand told Reuters: “There has been heavier rain than usual which has caused drainage problems. Swimming is out of the question.”
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