Korean Air uses stun guns on passengers

High-voltage stun guns used on five passengers so far
South Korea’s national airline Korean Air has used electric stun guns on five passengers so far, the BBC has learned. It is believed to be the only major carrier to have the weapons on its flights.
The airline trains employees on how to use the guns, especially after criticism for a recent, highly publicised inflight disturbance where US singer Richard Marx was among those who helped restrain an unruly passenger.
His wife Daisy Fuentes wrote on Instagram that cabin crew “didn’t know how to use the Taser [electric stun gun] and didn’t know how to secure the rope” around the passenger.
Korean Air tells the BBC that it first introduced electric stun guns in 2002. It now carries one set of weapons on every plane and two sets on its A380s.
Of the five incidents, three involved a Taser, which fires darts with a 50,000-volt charge that temporarily paralyses the target, and two involved a stun gun that has to be used at close range.