Lapland not hit by fall in Russian tourists

Finnish Lapland sees growth from Italy and Far East

The slide in the number of Russian tourists being experienced elsewhere in Europe appears not to be hurting Lapland. Russians only account for about 5% of the total number of foreign tourists to Finnish Lapland, which is seeing growth from places like Italy and the Far East.

Finland as a whole has been hit by the recession in Russia, linked to the ongoing unrest in Ukraine. The number of Russians in Finnish Lapland fell by about a fifth in 2014.

However, “all the hotels and tour operators are not even aiming for Russian customers,” said Liisa Mäenpää, project manager at the Lapland Tourism Association.

Incoming companies such as Lapland Safaris saw sales around the New Year period rise by almost 15%. The loss of Russian customers there has more than compensated for by arrivals from new markets such as Italy and the Far East as well as by more visitors from established markets like the UK.

Finland Times

[photo courtesy Visit Finland]