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Rovaniemi Airport / Finavia

Lapland popularity drives airport renewal

Rovaniemi, Kittilä and Ivalo airports in Finland are being considerably expanded.

Rovaniemi, Kittilä and Ivalo airports in Finland will be considerably expanded and more services will be added in response to rapid growth in the number of passengers.

There has been record-breaking growth in the number of passengers at Lapland’s airports, airport operator Finavia says, and last year the number of passengers reached 1.3 million, 23% up on last year. Rovaniemi (+19%), Kittilä (+26%) and Ivalo (+17%) grew the most.

“Finavia’s large-scale investment of around €55 million will enable the further growth of Lapland’s tourism industry and increase Finland’s accessibility and competitiveness,” says Kimmo Mäki, CEO of Finavia, which operates 21 airports in Finland.

“With this development programme, Finavia’s investment in Lapland’s tourism industry in the next few years will increase to nearly €100 million.”

The injections of investment now being launched will allow Lapland’s airports to serve two million passengers a year.

According to Mäki, the aim is “to improve the customer experience and service level and increase capacity as well as to ensure safe traffic even as the number of flights and passengers grows”.

Investments in environmental protection will be made at the same time, as Finavia promises to make the recovery and recycling of the glycol used in aircraft de-icing more efficient, reducing the impact on bodies of water.

Massive expansion
The work includes “a massive expansion at Rovaniemi Airport”, where the space for passengers will increase from the current 6,000sqm to about 10,500sqm. The hourly capacity will increase from three planes to five planes.

Baggage reclaim and other areas will increase and the café area will quadruple in size, and a new bridge will take the total to three. The Rovaniemi expansion project will be completed by the 2019 Christmas season.

At Kittilä, both the terminal and the air traffic infrastructure will be considerably expanded by this coming Christmas season, while at Ivalo there will be new aircraft stands, from four to seven by this coming winter, and the aircraft parking capacity will double.

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