Laser damages pilot’s eye while landing in London

Pilot’s eye permanently damaged by military-style laser
As previously reported, laser strikes on pilots are a growing problem. But a recent incident involved a powerful military-style laser, which did permanent damage to a pilot’s eye.
A British Airways pilot reportedly suffered significant damage to his eyesight after a “military-strength” laser was shone into his cockpit as he landed at London Heathrow, according to the British Airline Pilots’ Association.
The laser burned the retina in his right eye. He has not been able to work since the incident earlier this year. The association claims that half of all pilots have been hit by lasers in the last 12 months, a problem made worse by the fact that lasers have become easy to buy on the internet.
“We urge our pilots to report such incidents so we can make the authorities aware,” British Airways said, adding that it was investigating the incident.
The Guardian

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