Latest IT&CMA and CTW events begin

Pre-event registration begins at IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific

Between now and October 4, the registration desk at the Bangkok Convention Centre will welcome 2,579 delegates consisting of exhibitors, buyers, corporate travel managers, conference delegates, media, VIPs and trade visitors from 57 countries.
The pre-business days give delegates a number of educational opportunities, starting with the Global Business Travel Association’s newly revamped business travel management course, lasting one day. The course is aimed at those who are new in the corporate travel industry, as well as for administrative staff, executive secretaries and human resource personnel who take care of travel booking and related roles in their organisations. There is also the Association Competency Course for Professional Association Executives.
Networking highlights include a day-long Friendly Golf Game, described as “a great way to relax before the start of the business days”.
[pictured: Sellers meet buyers at IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific 2011; courtesy IT&CMA]