Latest Norwegian Dreamliner delay: a mouse

Rodent delays US-bound Norwegian aircraft for five hours

A mouse caused a frustrating five-hour delay for passengers flying from Oslo Gardermoen to New York on Tuesday evening. One of Norwegian’s new Dreamliners was held up when a mouse was spotted as it prepared for take-off at around 18:00, the newspaper Romerikes Blad reported.

The mouse managed to evade capture for hours as staff searched the cabin for the rodent, which was finally captured. The flight left Oslo shortly after 23:00.

“A mouse was discovered aboard the plane, which delayed the departure,” the airline’s head of press, Charlotte Holmberg Jacobsson, confirmed. “In such situations a pest control company must board the plane. The mouse needs to be found and then removed. In addition we need to check the whole plane. There are cases of mice having chewed through cables or the like.”

The Local

[photo by George Shuklin / Creative Commons]

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