Latvian hotels: fewer Russians, more everyone else

More than 30% less Russians in Latvia – not a problem
Accommodation in Latvia saw a 31.5% drop in what had been their most important market in 2015 – but still hosted more foreign guests overall than in 2014.
The large reduction in the number of Russian guests, due to the economic and political problems in that country, did not impact hotels in neighbouring Latvia as much as might be expected. The total number of foreign guests increased by 3.1%
A total of 2.1 million guests stayed in Latvian hotels and other tourist accommodation in 2015, 2% more than in 2014, the number of foreign visitors grew by 3.1% to 1.5 million.
Measured in overnights, foreign guests spent the same level as the previous year (-0.1%). The average length of stay for foreign visitors was two nights.
The 31.5% drop in the number of guests in Latvia from Russia was compensated by growth in visitor number from other European Union countries – Lithuania (+19.8%), the UK (+17.9%), Estonia (+15%), Sweden (+12.4%) and Finland (+10.6%).
Germany now supplies the biggest number of tourists (12.4%), followed by Russia (12.1%), Estonia (8.2%), Lithuania (7.1%), Finland (6.1%), Norway (6%), the UK (5.4%) and Sweden (5.4%).
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