LCC battlefield in Poland and Central Europe

Wizz Air goes head-to-head in competition with Ryanair

Wizz Air, a low-cost airline that has its HQ in Budapest, has just turned eight. It carried just over 12 million passengers in the last 12 months, with a load factor averaging at about 84%. This summer it has a fleet of 40 180-seat A320s operating routes from 15 bases in eight countries in Central Europe. According to, Wizz has the biggest number of weekly departures of any LCC in six of these eight countries.
Poland is its biggest market, but this is also its major battlefield as it goes head to head with major competitor Ryanair. The Irish LCC is also hitting hard in Hungary, where Ryanair recently opened a base in Budapest. One of the few other footholds another LCC has managed to maintain in Central Europe is easyJet’s focus on the Czech Republic, which approaches Wizz Air’s in terms of weekly flights.
Wizz Air has a high concentration of flights to Western European countries such as the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain. From its Polish bases, it also maintains many flights to Scandinavia, especially to Norway and Sweden. But Denmark remains Wizz-free and Finland (Turku) has only two Wizz Air routes.
[photo courtesy Wizz Air]

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