Leisure travellers stay connected on holiday

More families go on holiday with smartphones and laptops

The increasing prevalence of smartphones, laptops and wi-fi has changed the way people take holidays, especially people who are not working fixed hours. The change in scenery to a beautiful landscape can be inspiring for people who want to spend the holiday combining a little work with time with their families. Many health experts recommend a complete break from work in order to connect with families and recharge. But some leisure travellers also value the time a break from the workplace offers for intellectual stimulation, which can be provided by remaining connected to the internet.
In the days before the internet, employees had to finish all their work in a rush before leaving on holiday. After that it was tough to relax. Now it’s more possible than ever to take a little work with you. The trend is that more professionals are packing their Blackberry and their computer together with their sunglasses.
[pictured: Google Android smartphone]