Lesser-known ways to delight business guests

Offering a free overnight shirt-press service is bound to be popular

People working in the hotel industry are often “road warriors” themselves, spending many days during the year away from home. While many of them are happy to see essentials such as fast internet access and free coffee, many others have a more in-depth view of the guestroom amenities and the design of the room.
A brief poll found three standout amenities that road warriors like to see in a hotel room but are often missing: the possibility to watch a flat-screen TV from the desk as well as the bed; the possibility to get food and drink late at night, perhaps on those occasions after an evening function when you have to do a little more work but no food seems to be available besides the overpriced mini-bar; and the possibility to iron a shirt in the room, and do it comfortably.
[pictured: Holiday Inn Express Changshu, China]