LGBT travel market packed with potential

LGBT travellers spend far more on holidays than average
Only a small fraction of LGBT travellers use a specialist travel company to book their holidays, suggesting the potential for other players in the industry is vast, TTG Digital reports.
Exclusive research released at TTG’s first LGBT Travel Conference this week reported that just 2% of survey respondents booked their most recent travel with a company specialising in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender market, while the majority booked with either an online travel agent (36%) or an airline website (25%).
Contrary to popular belief, “party holidays” are not high on the agenda for the LGBT market, with only 1% saying they are interested in booking this kind of trip. Beach holidays are the most popular holiday style for future bookings (33%) followed by city breaks (25%).
“This was a real surprise,” said Kim Watson, media and marketing manager of the company publishing Gay Times and Diva magazines. “For many years we’ve carried a lot of advertising and promotion for circuit parties and presumed our audience was very interested in partying but that’s not necessarily so.”
LGBT travellers are likely to spend far more on holidays than the national average, according to the figures. The survey revealed more than a third (38%) of respondents spend £1,000-£1,999 (€1423-€2844) per person on their main holiday, versus a reported national average of £860 per person for non-LGBT travellers.
TTG’s first LGBT conference was held at the Roof Gardens in Kensington, London, in conjunction with conference sponsors WTM and Philippines Airlines, and TTG LGBT Network sponsors Celebrity Cruises, Holiday Extras, Virgin Holidays and Abta.
TTG Digital