LH cabin crew to strike again on Friday

Lufthansa cabin crew to strike throughout Germany

Cabin crew at Lufthansa will up the stakes on Friday, when they strike throughout Germany for a full 24 hours. The action will run from 00:00 to 24:00 CET on Friday unless Lufthansa agrees to re-launch talks, something the airline has rejected. Strike action at Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin airports yesterday forced the airline to cancel more than 350 flights out of a total of 1,800, according to ATW. Lufthansa estimates that a minimum of 43,000 passengers were affected by Tuesday’s flight disruptions. Lufthansa sent 18,000 text messages to customers’ mobile phones to tell them about cancellations and delays and supplied stranded passengers with drinks and snacks.
Austrian Airlines, a Lufthansa subsidiary unaffected by the strikes due to separate employment contracts, is said to be helping out by deploying bigger planes on routes to Germany.
A spokesperson for the airline called the strike actions “intolerable”. But the UFO union demands a 5% pay increase and a guarantee against outsourcing and the use of temporary workers. The dispute could drag on for weeks.
[pictured: Boeing 747-8; photo by Rolf Bewersdorf, courtesy Lufthansa]


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