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Photo: National Transportation Safety Committee

Lion Air crash cockpit voice recorder found

It is hoped that the device, which was buried in eight metres of mud, will reveal the pilots’ conversations.

After returning to the underwater crash site more than two months after a brand new Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 plunged into the Java Sea, Indonesian Navy divers have brought the cockpit voice recorder to the surface.

The recovery of the crucial ‘black box’ from Lion Air Flight 610 could help solve the mystery behind the tragedy, which killed all 189 people on board.

The battered device, which investigators hope will contain the pilots’ conversations, was lifted onto the deck of a ship this morning.

The cockpit voice recorder is the second of the two black boxes to be found, after the flight data recorder was pulled from the seabed on November 1.

The cockpit recorder was buried under eight metres of mud on the seabed and was found within the search area of up to 1,000 metres of the crash site, a Navy spokesman tells CNN. It had continued to emit faint signals.

Safety system
A preliminary report based on data from the flight recorder maintained that the pilots repeatedly tried to override the new plane’s automatic safety system, which pulled the aircraft’s nose down more than 25 times before the crash.

It is hoped that the cockpit voice recorder will reveal what the pilots were saying and why the safety feature was not turned off.

The same issue had challenged a different crew on the plane’s flight the previous day from Denpasar to Jakarta but had switched off the safety system – which is new to all MAX 8 aircraft – and took manual control.

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