Lithuania launches its own promotional “scent”

Baltic state becomes first country to promote itself using a smell

In an attempt to raise its profile, Lithuania has launched its own national perfume. Called Scent of Lithuania, this destination marketing idea was to make something that reveals the essence of the Lithuanian character while presenting the country in the most original and simple way. It the first time a country has been described by scent.
Scent of Lithuania, which was created by experts at one of the oldest perfumeries in France, Galimard, carries typical Lithuanian ingredients such as the note of a wild flower bouquet, a note of red berries, lily of the valley, lilac and amber, along with several other symbolic scents known worldwide including ginger, musk, cedar and sandalwood. Bottles of the perfume, which are slim with a recognisable chunky wooden screw top, have been sent to all foreign ambassadors in the capital Vilnius and plans are underway to distribute them to Lithuanian embassies, hotels and airports. They are also available to buy at
[pictured: Vilnius Old Town; courtesy]