Lithuania to benefit from War & Peace tourism

BBC’s War and Peace was filmed largely in Lithuania
As TV viewers throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries, the UK and Europe are gripped by the €21 million BBC epic drama War & Peace, based on Tolstoy’s famous novel, Lithuania is anticipating a positive impact on its incoming tourism.
Much of the six-part series, set around Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812 and being screened in January and February, was filmed in Lithuania.
Places used for filming included Vilnius’ Old Town and Lithuania’s open-air museum of Rumšiškės, as well as Rundale Palace just over the border in Latvia and St Petersburg in Russia.
The French emperor and his massive Grande Armée did in fact pass through Lithuania, which as then part of tsarist Russia, on their ill-fated campaign in the summer of 1812, and the few pitiful survivors retreated along the same route that winter.
A number of travel articles related to the series and to the historical events have already appeared in the British press recommending places visitors to the region can see, for example in the Telegraph and the Radio Times.
Around 500 Lithuanian cast, crew and extras worked on War & Peace when it was filmed last year and the TV series is a big boost for the Lithuanian film industry. The series’ director Tom Harper flew to Vilnius last month along with 20 of his crew for the Lithuanian premiere. Over six months of filming the crew had lived in apartments around the city.
“It is a bit like returning home,” he said. “There is a whole lot of places we’d regularly go. Places to get food, places where we’d get a drink, places where we’d film. It’s great to see these all again.”
Lithuania Tribune / TTG Nordic

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