Lonely Planet: Denmark’s Legoland rivals Disneyland

Transport to Legoland is easy, and new in 2011 is the Star Wars section

Denmark’s incoming agents will take heart that Lonely Planet, one of the world’s foremost publishers of travel guides, rates Legoland at least as highly as Disneyland in the USA. Located in the small town of Billund, the original toy bricks’ birthplace around 250km west of Copenhagen, the Danish theme park has almost 60 million of the plastic bricks arranged to recreate famous places like Kennedy Space Centre, canals in Amsterdam, a Scottish castle and loch and the colourful waterfront in Bergen.
Lego has been called the ‘toy of the century’ by Fortune magazine, so it is universally known. Place that next to the Gallup World Poll’s recent claim that Denmark is “the world’s happiest nation” and Legoland’s success is assured. Billund is Denmark’s second biggest airport, which means that transport there is relatively easy. New in 2011 is the Star Wars section, where 1.5 million bricks recreate seven scenes from the famous movies.
Lonely Plant
[pictured: Bergen in Miniland, Legoland; courtesy Legoland]