Lonely Planet tips Sweden’s reindeer migration

Reindeer migration named one of world’s “seven wonders of winter”

Seven wintertime marvels around the globe are named in Lonely Planet’s most recent newsletter, and one of them is Sweden’s reindeer migration – described as one of the world’s greatest migrations. “As snow thickens on every surface, lakes freeze over and the temperature drops below -25˚C, tens of thousands of reindeer make their way across northern Sweden. Descending from summer pastures in the mountains to the west, the herds travel east to spend the long winter foraging in the forests,” the publisher says.
Incoming tourists and culture-seekers are able to spend time with their semi-nomadic Sami owners, with days following the reindeers and nights “sharing stories round the fire under a star-filled sky”.
Other winter wonders named by Lonely Planet include icebound St Petersburg, the geysers and hot springs of Yellowstone National Park in the US and Korea’s ice festivals.
Lonely Planet
[pictured: Traditional tents beside a reindeer-branding enclosure in a Sámi village; photo by Kate Kärrberg; copyright Kate Kärrberg/Johnér; courtesy Image Bank Sweden]