LOT Dreamliner forced to land in Iceland

Plane lands after fault hits identification system

A Boeing 787 operated by the struggling state-owned Polish airline LOT was forced to land unexpectedly in Iceland on Sunday after a fault hit its identification system. Flying from Toronto to Warsaw, the aircraft landed at Keflavik Internatioal Airport, Reykjavik.

An inoperative antenna could not transmit the plane’s identification information during the flight.

“The aircraft had to land due to an air identification system fault,” an airline spokeswoman said. “The Norwegian authorities have refused permission to fly over its territory, even though other countries gave permission to fly over theirs.”

A Boeing spokesman said: “LOT has already made the proper arrangements and parts and personnel are en route to address the issue and return the airplane to flight status. Boeing stands ready to help if asked.”

Like Norwegian, LOT has also wrestled with a list of Dreamliner problems.


[image courtesy Boeing]

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