LOT warned: change to survive

CEO: “The near future will be difficult”

“Either there is a change [within the airline] or LOT will not survive,” Polish media are quoting the country’s prime minister, Donald Tusk, as saying. The Polish flag carrier is preparing massive layoffs and deep restructuring as it struggles to survive.
“The near future will be a particularly difficult stage in the history of LOT,” warned Sebastian Mikosz, the airline’s recently reappointed CEO. “Both the management board and the employees face a major challenge, but I am convinced that with some sacrifices we will make it together.”
The 93% state-owned airline and Star Alliance member received an emergency government loan of $127 million in January. It aims to sack 30% of its workforce and cut its fleet from 40 to 25 aircraft. Radical cutbacks will be introduced to its summer flight schedule.
[photo courtesy Star Alliance]

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