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Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana still Denmark’s most outstanding museum

For the 13th straight year, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located on the shores of the Øresund Sound, is on top.

More than 15 million visits were made to exhibitions across Denmark last year, down by around 350,000 on 2017, the Copenhagen Post reports Danmarks Statistik as saying.

The most popular attraction for art is still the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located on the shores of the Øresund Sound in Humlebæk, 35 kilometres north of Copenhagen, which attracted 755,584 visitors during the year.

Louisiana was followed by the open-air town museum Den Gamle By in Aarhus (546,485), the contemporary art museum ARoS, also in Aarhus, (508,008) and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the capital (448,934), with its array of art built around the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of the Carlsberg Breweries.

Then come Christiansborg Castle (436,693), Arken in Ishøj (414,705), Rosenborg Palace (386,656), Moesgaard Museum (368,656), the National Museum’s main building (365,245) and Kronborg Castle (326,823).

Many of these are part of the National Museum, and if all 20 of the National Museum’s locations were put together it would come top with exactly 1,729,101 visitors.

Popular attractions
Yet both that and Louisiana come some way behind Denmark’s most visited attraction. Tivoli, Copenhagen’s famous amusement park and pleasure garden, saw nearly five million visitors in 2018, easily making it the most popular site in the country.

The Bakken amusement park sees 2.5 million people a year, Legoland 1.7 million, Copenhagen Zoo 1.2 million, and the theme park Djurs Sommerland 800,000, all of which see more visitors than Louisiana. But Louisiana remains the most visited museum, a record it has held since 2007.

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