Low-cost airline to open six CPH-US routes

But passengers will have to pay extra for many items

The recently established Icelandic low-cost carrier Wow Air says it will offer tickets for DKK 699 (€94) between Copenhagen to the US from next year. But it comes with a catch.

Wow Air owner, millionaire Skúli Mogensen, told the Danish business paper Berlingske Business that the airline would fly from Copenhagen to Boston from June 2015, for this price one way, with a route from Copenhagen to Washington DC added later.

“You could of course say that it is ambitious, but we are experiencing rapid growth and expect to be up to around 800,000 passengers already next year,” he said.

Mogensen predicts that Wow will to fly from Copenhagen to six destinations in the US by 2016. But despite the long distances, passengers will have to pay extra for just about everything.

“We are the first company to fly over the Atlantic to let customers just pay for what they want,” Mogensen explained. “That’s why we can keep prices so low.”

So everything, from luggage (DKK 350 more) to a cup of coffee, is available for additional payment. A pram or sports equipment will cost DKK 325. Selecting a seat will cost DKK 15 kroner.

Berlingske Business / The Local

[image courtesy WOW air]

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