Low-cost giants cooperate in Nordics

Partnership emerging in Copenhagen and other hubs
Low-cost carriers are usually fierce competitors. But Norwegian and Ryanair are reported to be forging a partnership at Copenhagen Airport and other European hubs, where passengers will pay less for long-haul flights.
Ryanair will be a ‘feeder’ airline for Norwegian’s long-haul routes, moving passengers from smaller airports to bigger ones.
“It is cause for celebration,” Ole Stouby, head of search engine Travelmarket, tells Business.dk. “The cooperation will lead to lower prices. Other airlines will feel the pressure when these two low-cost giants join forces.”
Some major budget airlines appear to be working more closely together. Earlier this year, it was reported that Norwegian was interested in expanding its short-haul network by forging partnerships with other low-cost carriers.
Norwegian is also a member of the new alliance Airlines for Europe (A4E) along with airlines such as low-cost rivals Ryanair and easyJet as well as Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and British Airways.
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