Lufthansa “guest portal” finds first customer

Hurtigruten to deploy Lufthansa Systems’ Guest Service Portal

Lufthansa Systems has announced that the Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten, famous for its trips around and between Norway’s fjords and regular sailings to the northern tip of Europe, is the first customer to buy its new Guest Service Portal. The company’s fleet of 12 ships will be equipped with the interactive guest portal starting in January 2013. The product was presented to the international cruise industry in March. Lufthansa Systems will provide maintenance and support services until 2017.
Using the portal, guests can interact with staff anywhere, anytime during the travel cycle via their mobile devices such as tablets or laptops, via television and the ship’s digital signs. It features seven guest modules (Entertain, Book & Shop, Dine, Concierge, Housekeeping, Socialize and Inform), which guests can use to make inquiries, book a service, make dinner reservations or select personal preference settings. They can also watch a movie, chat online, or plan an excursion or the next leg of their vacation. There is also an option for guests to obtain information about the ship’s key facilities such as restaurants, spa and fitness centre and access the ship’s social media page.
The portal was developed on the basis of Lufthansa Systems’ established iTV solution. For Hurtigruten it gives the ability to interact with guests throughout the cruise and is “user-friendly for passengers and crews alike,” according to Frid Fastbø, CIO at Hurtigruten.
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[photo courtesy Hurtigruten]