Lufthansa A380 almost hits drone over LA

A380 was on its approach to Los Angeles on Friday
The pilot of an Airbus A380 flown by Lufthansa has reported a near-collision with a drone on its approach to Los Angeles on Friday.
The incident occurred at an altitude of 5,000 feet at around 13:30 local time, when the unmanned aircraft passed about 200 feet over the superjumbo 22.5 kilometres east of the airport.
The crew took no evasive action and the plane landed safely minutes later. The Los Angeles police air support division was alerted. In the US, drones and model planes are banned from flying higher than 400 feet or within 8 kilometres of an airport without contacting air traffic control.
The US Federal Aviation Administration has had at least 42 reports of drones flying unsafely near LAX since 2014. In California, there have been 200 pilot reports of near misses with drones in the last two years.