Lufthansa: “Berlin won’t become a hub”

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Berlin will remain connected – via Munich and Frankfurt
Lufthansa thinks that Berlin will remain connected to the rest of the world through hubs in other German cities, unimpressed by the slow progress at the capital’s new airport.
Harry Hohmeister, a board member at the German giant, told Berliner Morgenpost he was unconvinced the airline could offer significant long-haul flights from the capital.
“Berlin’s new airport won’t become an air hub, it’s too small for that,” he said, adding that “little will change. Things will stay as they are, we’ll offer Berliners connections to the whole world – over our hub airports.”
“We already have four hub airports, in Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna, which are all relatively close together. We don’t need another.”
Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) was supposed to provide a new international airport for the German capital, but years of delays and ballooning budgets have resulted in many postponements of the opening.
However, Lufthansa will fly direct between Berlin and New York from November, Hohmeister confirmed.
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