Lufthansa brings in new fare concept for Europe

Passengers can now book Light, Classic and Flex fares
Passengers flying economy with Lufthansa can now book new Light, Classic and Flex fares as part of a new price concept for flights in Europe. The fares apply from October 1 and can be booked from the end of July, offering different services depending on the price.
Lufthansa describes the introduction of the new fare concept as a “sales strategy realignment”. The fare options include choices on free luggage, seat reservations and rebooking and cancellations. The choice will now consist of a fully flexible Business Class fare and three new Economy fares.
All of the fare options include one piece of hand luggage, snacks and drinks on board, a reserved seat at check-in from 23 hours before take-off, as well as Award, Status and Select Miles. Different options can be combined on an outward and return flight. Additional services, such as seats with more legroom or an upgrade to Business Class, can be booked separately at any time, including after ticket purchase.
Economy Light will be the most economical option for those traveling only with hand luggage and not in need of any ticket flexibility. The airline says that about a third of its passengers travelling within Europe take only hand luggage. Customers can additionally book a piece of luggage or book a seat for a small fee at any time before the start of the journey.
Economy Classic includes the chance to check in a piece of luggage of up to 23kg. This option also offers a new additional opportunity for passengers to secure their desired seat, free-of-charge, at booking. Classic is also more flexible than Light as it can be rebooked to another flight on the original connection for a fee.
Economy Flex is focused principally on passengers who need more flexibility in their travel planning. In addition to the free seat reservation, Flex offers the opportunity to rebook a flight at no extra cost or change in itinerary.
Lufthansa is introducing the new fare concept together with Austrian Airlines. SWISS has already been using the new concept since the end of June. Brussels Airlines introduced a fare concept with various options in 2014. Fares for long-haul tickets remain unchanged.
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