Lufthansa crane resettlement plan “successful”

Airline takes part in resettlement of Eurasian cranes in UK

Lufthansa Group says that the Great Crane Project it assisted with, establishing the resettlement of the Eurasian crane in the British Isles, has succeeded. For more than 400 years, these “majestic large birds” were extinct in England.
In 2010, Lufthansa flew crane eggs produced by brooding cranes from the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere in Brandenburg to Great Britain in “special, air-freight proven brooding containers”. At the Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire, around-the-clock care ensured the subsequent rearing of the fledglings. The carers even went as far as dressing in crane outfits.
Over 50 birds are now living in the wild in south-west England and 16 have been sighted again in the vicinity of the Slimbridge Wetland Centre. Nevertheless, at least ten of the 15 species of crane worldwide remain under threat.
[photo courtesy Lufthansa]