Lufthansa innovates with engine cleaning

Lufthansa Technik collaborates with research project

Lufthansa says it is working on a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean aircraft engines. Clean jet engines work more efficiently and consume less kerosene, so to maintain their efficiency turbines must also be regularly cleaned to free them of all kinds of pollution such as dust, pollen and salt.

Experts from Lufthansa Technik and the University of Darmstadt are currently investigating how the cleaning process can be made more economical as part of the Cyclean 2.0″ program.

One promising idea is that instead of water, the jet engine cleaning could be carried out with CO2 dry-ice pellets. Lufthansa says that this would bring advantages such as time-savings of up to 50% due to a shorter, residue-free cleaning process, smaller maintenance costs and engine cleaning in winter.

The airline says that more than 5,000 wash cycles with Cylean have already ensured a significant reduction in kerosene consumption.

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[photo courtesy Lufthansa]