Lufthansa looks for 8000 new employees

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Largest growth in cabin crew with 4,000 new employees

Deutsche Group is looking to hire more than 8,000 new employees in 2018, the majority of whom will be flight attendants. This is substantially more than in previous years.

Lufthansa itself will be hiring around 2,500 cabin crew alone, to work from its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. Overall, the Lufthansa Group airlines will employ more than 4,000 new recruits.

Besides its conventional application processes, Lufthansa carried out 11 “flight attendant castings” last year, which “aroused great interest among the target group”, the airline says, with over 4,500 candidates so far attending the auditions and nearly 6,000 visiting the regular applicants’ days in Frankfurt.

Almost every third applicant received a job offer. Like Adriana Werne, in her mid-50s (pictured), who said she “always wanted to work for Lufthansa”. She was successful at the Lufthansa flight attendant casting in Offenburg.

“Being a flight attendant was and is a very big dream of mine. I couldn’t believe my luck at first,” she says.

Employees are also being hired in other areas, with around 500 new employees planned for Lufthansa Technik at various locations.

Training and studying
Elsewhere in the group, Austrian Airlines is hiring more than 500 new recruits, including flight attendants for check-in and for flights, and is also looking for employees in other business areas.

The group says that the training of young people has “special significance”. In the 2017-18 training year, 250 new recruits will start training or studying in the group across Germany, with ten study programs and 30 apprenticeships to choose from, such as tool mechanic, systems catering, forwarding agent and logistics services.

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