Lufthansa moves A380s from Frankfurt

German giant pivots to Munich in row with Fraport
Lufthansa says it will transfer five of its huge A380s to Munich, away from its Frankfurt base, as a dispute with airport operator Fraport grows.
For the first time, five of the German airline’s 14 A380s, the world’s largest aircraft type, will move to southern Germany.
“Starting in summer 2018, Lufthansa will introduce the Airbus A380 in Munich on long-haul destinations to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing,” the airline reports.
Lufthansa will also be adding “up to 500 new positions” to the 11,000 employees already at its second-largest hub, while claiming no jobs will be lost in Frankfurt.
The carrier’s relationship with Fraport deteriorated when the airport agreed to host competitors including budget airline Ryanair at a discounted rate. Lufthansa, left without discounts despite the years it has been based there, warns it will divert investments to Munich, Vienna and Zurich.