Lufthansa pilots extend strike to Saturday

Strike costing Lufthansa at least €10 million a day
Lufthansa says it is scrapping 830 flights during Friday as its pilots continue their strike over wages – only for the Vereinigung Cockpit union to call for the walkout to be extended into Saturday, to hit all long-haul flights from Germany on that day.
The 14th such strike since April 2014 has so far affected more than 315,000 passengers, with 2,618 flight cancellations over three days. The strike is reported to be costing Lufthansa €10 million a day, plus damage to airline’s brand image.
The pilots want a pay rise of an average of 3.66% per year, retroactive for the past five years, to counteract what they say has been a wage freeze over that period. The airline is offering a 2.5% pay rise, which the union rejects.
Harry Hohmeister, a member of the board at Lufthansa, said yesterday that it was “not possible” to meet the pilots’ demand for a bigger wage rise: “The starting point is that we already pay our pilots far better than our competitors,” he said.
Lufthansa Group carriers Austrian and Swiss have temporarily expanded their services to Germany to help some passengers.