Lufthansa pilots face strong criticism in Germany

Pilots are “elite group that can’t seem to stuff their pockets full enough”

Pilots on strike at Lufthansa are facing strong criticism across Germany for using a damaging walkout to demand higher pay and early retirement, even though they are some of the best-paid employees in the country.

TV commentators, newspaper editorials and political leaders are all blasting the 5,400 pilots who have almost shut down the airline, affecting 425,000 passengers in a three-day strike that lasts until midnight tonight.

The pilots have an average annual pay of €181,000 – nearly four times the average wage in Germany (€45,523). One of their demands is a 10% pay rise over two years.

“This strike is completely irresponsible,” said prominent Christian Democrat politician Michael Fuchs. “It’s like they’re taking half a million passengers hostage. I’ve got very little understanding for people going on strike who earn as much as the chancellor.”

In an editorial the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote: “There’s a lot of anger across the country about an elite group that can’t seem to stuff their pockets full enough.”


[photo courtesy Lufthansa]


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