Lufthansa point-to-point may become low-cost

German giant considers implementation of project Direct 4 You

Lufthansa is considering a project that would bring its point-to-point operations in Europe under its low-cost unit Germanwings. It is one possible option on the table as the German giant thinks about how to cope better with Europe’s tough low-cost competition. Lufthansa remains strong in the market for intercontinental and hub traffic, but in Europe it is plagued with low-cost rivals.
“It is just a business case at the moment,” a Lufthansa spokesman says. “No decision has yet been taken on implementation or any brand name.” Direct 4 You is the internal name for the project.
Other European legacy carriers are considering tactics on how to counterattack low-cost carriers. The French arm of Air France-KLM, for example, is planning to rapidly develop its low-cost unit Transavia.
[pictured: Germanwings A320]

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