Lufthansa strikes are back, starting tomorrow

Long-haul passengers to be hit between 08:00 and midnight
Pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit revealed this morning that its members would not turn up for any Lufthansa long-haul flights tomorrow between 08:00 and midnight.
Flights using Airbus A380, A330/340 and Boeing 747 aircraft – in other words all long-haul flights leaving Germany – will be hit. Pilots will also walk out from Lufthansa Cargo flights during the same period.
Pilots are continuing their long-running protest over pay, conditions and retirement after talks broke down last week. The airline insists it made a “far-reaching, comprehensive” offer to the union, but this was rejected.
“Lufthansa offered twice to re-open talks with VC at the weekend,” the pilots wrote in a statement. “These only seemed promising at first look. Closer analysis showed that the content was once again free of substance.”
This will be the 13th strike by pilots since April 2014, in a dispute that has so far cost Lufthansa around €300 million.
DPA/The Local