Lufthansa to open Frankfurt-Kuusamo

Yet another connection to the north of Finland
Lufthansa will launch another connection to the north of Finland – the first ever direct international route to Kuusamo Airport.
Lufthansa says it will operate this scheduled route during the 2017-18 winter season, from December 23 to March 31.
Airport operator Finavia says that Kuusamo is known for “its unique nature and broad selection of winter activities. Northern lights, huskies, reindeer, snowmobiles, saunas, skiing and many other adventures are pampering the guests.”
Lufthansa has operated direct flights from Central Europe to Finnish Lapland airports for two years, to Ivalo and Kittilä, as well as to Tromsø in Norway. Finnair has also been increasing Lapland capacity to meet demand, as has the UK’s Monarch Airlines.
“We are very pleased that Kuusamo is being added to Lufthansa’s range of routes. This further strengthens our airport network in northern Finland,” says Joni Sundelin, Finavia’s senior vice president.
“The growth started when Lufthansa began its first direct flights from Germany to Lapland in 2015. Last year, good development in the North continued as Lufthansa opened new routes and significantly increased passenger capacity – together we created a wonderful winter for tourism.”
TTG Nordic