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Photo: SunExpress

Lufthansa venture to lease Lithuanian planes

Joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines to lease five A320s from Vilnius.

SunExpress, a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, has signed a wet-lease agreement with a Lithuanian airline for five Airbus A320s.

The leased aircraft from Vilnius-based Avion Express will be deployed to SunExpress Antalya. The planes in the ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, insurance) deal will be flying from Antalya in the summer and autumn of 2018.

SunExpress typically carries large numbers of tourists from northern Europe – mainly from Germany but also the Nordic capitals – to the Mediterranean and Aegean regions on scheduled flights.

Its young fleet has until now consisted of 64 Boeing 737-800s and a handful of Eurowings A330 aircraft.

Icelandic connection
Avion Express, meanwhile, is led by Icelandic national Gardar Forberg, who is chief executive officer, president and shareholder.

To help him meet its “strategic ambitions to successfully expand the business”, Forberg recently introduced a new position of deputy CEO, appointing Lithuanian Darius Kajokas, “a determined and competent professional” formerly of accounting giant Ernst & Young, to the post.

Forberg, who has been in the aviation business for over 20 years and took up the Avion Express presidency in March 2017, was previously managing director of Latcharter Airlines at Icelandair Group and has worked in the world of aviation since 1996.

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